"Himalayas is full of spiritual vibrations and mysterious in its own ways" M K Ramachandran

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                                                           Sri M K Ramachandran dedicatated his life completely to dangerous Himalayan travel, perhaps the only pilgrim who visited all five Kailash ,called "Panch Kailash" .These are Kailash Manasarovar, Adi Kailash, Kinnaur Kailash, Shrikant Mahadev Kailash and Manimahesh Kailash. He is one of the best selling travelogue writer in kerala ,India. His way of writings with the myths, reality and mystical experiences about his ineffable pilgrimages are truly amazing and has attracted millions of fans. His mystical experiences, such as encounters with Divya Yogis and Yoginis deep inside Himalayas are telling to the world that there are many facts that are unexplainable through modern sciences and logic . He has already covered 64 different destinations in Himalaya. Each one of his travel consist of days of research , preparation, arrangement, lonely dangerous trekking through Himalayan glaciers . For example 35 days of trekking is needed for Srikand mahadave kilash darshan. Welcome to the world of amazing Himalaya mystical Explorations .........,



On 2016 Sept 20 at 5.30PM M K Ramachandran's New Book DAKINIMARUDE HRIDHAYA BHOOMIYILOODE launched at Levee hall Thiruvanathapuram. Contact 9846038554  Incredible speech by DGP Dr.Alexander Jacob IPS about blessing of Yogi from Himalaya who did miraculous cure for his deaf and dumb childhood at M K RAMACHANDRAN'S BOOK release Function 

M K RAMACHANDRAN'S New book Release Function FULL Video  

Click here for photos and contents 

Latest Himalayan trip during 3rd week of May 2014 ,1. Hatu peak & Devi temple pandavas "Anjathavasam",2. Hatkot devi temple also of Pandavas vanavas,3. Chanshall Peak Pass,4. Jekling Peak on the way to Chandannahan lake,5. Origin of Giriganga river,6. Pandavas Village,These are the remote areas of South West Himachal Pradesh bordering Utharakhandh CLICK HERE FOR PHOTOS

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27 JAN 2014 Doordarshan Interview of M K Ramachandran sir CLICK HERE

 Himalayan travel JULY-AUG -2013 Lahaul-Spiti Himachal Pradesh CLICK HERE FOR PHOTOS

Travancore King Uthradom Thirunal Felicitated M K Ramachandran for outstanding contributions to society with prestigious RAJA MUDRA on April 4 ,,2013 CLICK HERE FOR PHOTOS

New Himalayan travel March 2013-Prashar lake CLICK HERE FOR PHOTOS

 Talk by M K Ramachandran Sir on 15th feb 2013 At Mainagappally Vettikattu Mahadeva temple     Video Part 1        Video Part 2 : highlight of the Part 2 is that for the first time MKR talking about Great Great yogi from Kerala Sri Siva Prabhakara Siddha yogi thiruvadikal           Video Part 3

If you missed the launch of MKR new book DHEVA BHOOMIYILOODE 6th edition in Thrissur on Jan   26 2013 CLICK HERE FOR PHOTOS ALBUM Video ,   Video Part 1      Video Part 2     Video Part 3

If you missed the launch of MKR new book DHEVA BHOOMIYILOODE in Trivandrum on Nov 6 2012 CLICK HERE FOR PHOTOS , Video Part 1 Video Part 2 Video Part 3 Video Part 4 More Videos will Upload soon ,

                 Sri M K RAMACHANDRAN's travel and spiritual experiences Part 2 - From Public Talk on Nov 6 2012

:pan> :Sri M K RAMACHANDRAN's travel and spiritual experiences Part 1 - From Public Talk on Nov 6 2012

:LATEST HIMALAYAN TRIPS Photo Albums With Malayalam commentry by M K Ramachandran




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